Jesus Christ True Leader and Perfect Gentleman

JESUS CHRIST – True Leader and Perfect Gentleman is one of the unique books on Jesus, published in the last two decades; with a remarkably practical and insightful portrayal of Jesus Christ as an outstanding leader and peerless gentleman.

Many people see Jesus Christ as the Son of God, a religious leader and the founder of Christianity; but there is more to him. He is also the Son of Man, a true leader and a perfect gentleman. This book explores those facets of his splendid personality. Authentic – the gold standard of leadership – he was true to himself and not tainted by the lust for power. Instead, with maturity he managed power and authority. As an example to his followers, he was unmatched. There was no deceit in his words, and his actions were above reproach. With remarkable foresight and compassion, he led his disciples, enriched his contemporaries, showed women and children their rightful place in society, and guided people to find their dignity.

Profoundly wise, disarmingly simple, uncommonly compassionate and unconditionally caring, he was the epitome of goodness. He worked for others, not himself; for the approval of God, not the applause of men. Committed to living the values he taught, his methods were as lofty as his goals; winning followers among hardhearted people, awe-struck disciples, and the grudging opposition. In one voice, they all declared that “He has done everything well”.

To understand the essence of leadership the author compares Jesus with other leaders – drawn from different domains and periods. The comparison is stark.

With an exercise on leadership, at the end of the book, leaders and aspiring leaders will find merit in the prescription Jesus offers of service before self. If you care for leadership, you will love reading   JESUS CHRIST – True Leader and Perfect Gentleman.

Make a copy of this book your own. The insights have much to offer and can set you thinking about your values, style of leadership and approach to people.

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The Publisher: Lang Book Publishing, New Zealand.

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